Teaching & Learning

Faculty Information

Our faculty members are having versatile background with expertise on their own area. The team is composed of a number of senior faculties having life long experience of service and providing aviation training in Bangladesh Air Force, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and others, also a group of young university graduates. All of our faculty members are trained in-house and also by Pearson (Edexcel) to ensure the quality of teaching and assessment.

Laboratory Facilities

ACB is equipped with state of the art laboratory facilities available for the students. We have specialized mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital laboratories on campus with latest equipment and technology. In addition to that our students have exclusive access to the laboratories of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

Workshop Facilities

The entire ground floor of ACB campus is dedicated for the campus workshop. The workshop is designed to let the student feel the environment of a real life aircraft workshop. The students have access to live Cessna 150 aircraft, Gas Turbine Engines, Number of aircraft systems mock-ups, collection of a wide range of real aircraft parts and components. The workshop is fully equipped with all necessary tools & equipment such as lathe machine, pneumatic rivet guns, welding equipment, sheet metal cutting and bending tools, pipe flaring and bending tools and so on.


ACB library facilities benefit the students from its huge collection of textbooks, ATA publications, aircraft manuals (Cessna 150, Boeing 777, Boeing 747, Airbus A310 and so on … ), publications of regulatory authorities (CAAB, FAA, EASA et al.) etc. The collection is under a scheduled updating scheme to ensure students have access to not only the required textbooks but far beyond than that.

IT Facilities

As part of our commitment to develop human resources with changing society, the training programs offered by ACB is highly dependent on multimedia and IT. To support the students’ need we have a modern computer lab equipped with high performance personal computers having all latest software required for engineering training. The entire campus is under coverage of Wi-Fi network, providing the students FREE access to the high speed internet.

Classroom Practices

All of our classrooms are equipped with next generation multimedia equipment. The interactive nature of the teaching delivery mode aided by computer aided demonstration ensures a joyous learning environment in the classroom.


Merging with the modern international assessment strategy and to comply with BTEC requirements the most common form of assessment in ACB is continuous assessment replacing the country’s old traditional exam based assessment. No longer requirement of memorizing hundreds of pages, instead you will be assessed based on the skills and abilities you have gained by means of assignments in the form of real life or simulated case study reports, practical job evidence, laboratory report under professional scenarios.