About ACB

ACB is the first of its kind in Bangladesh to offer globally recognized international qualifications in Aeronautical Engineering. Since the establishment ACB is excelling in the sector of engineering training specialized in Aeronautical Sector as revealed from its name.

Over the past years ACB has built a strong network with number of international awarding bodies, training centers, colleges, universities and companies. This symbolizes the achievements and recognition of the activities of this college in an international perspective both in terms of academics and industrial attachments.

The academic department of the college is run by a highly motivated team of teachers having a versatile background. The team consists of groups of faculties with strong research and academic backgrounds, with long real-life working experience and finally a group of ambitious and dynamic young engineering graduates.

Stepping into the campus of ACB you will feel the essence of a true learning environment. The state of the art campus facilities with live aircraft and engines are developed to maximize the learning of the students. The campus appears to be vibrant mostly by virtue of the active learning practices by the teachers and students; their activities are aided by- classrooms aided with latest multimedia equipment, a library with collections of course notes, textbooks, journals, aircraft manuals, ATA-100 publications and many other reference materials both in hardcopy and electronic form, mechanical/electrical/electronic/digital laboratories with all necessary sophisticated and precision equipment, a workshop with full time supervisor over a complete floor in the campus building equipped with versatile machine and hand tools, which are fully accessible and available to support the learning needs of the students.

The value of ACB insists that the quality of an educational organization should always be centered primarily to the students learning. Hence, an effective and functional quality assurance system is in place to make sure quality learning is taking place and all the assessments and grading are fair. The nature of the system works with multi-stage quality assurance process and includes both internal and external verification activities.

The sole objective of this center is to provide quality manpower to the industry as stated in the motto of ACB:

"Committed to develop human resources with changing society"

Further information are available on the website, please navigate through the pages of your need. You are always welcome to visit or contact us for any enquiry.